I'm Dave.
Hi, I'm Dave!
I'm Not-Dave
And I'm not.

Insanitales™: [Verb] your [body part] off!

The titles below are a selection taken from our Insanitales™ volumes. Click on one of them to begin making an Insanitale™. For more fun, buy the full volumes! Insanitales titles in red contain adult content and/or subjects.

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So You Want to be Evil? - Do you really have what it takes to be evil?
Complaint Letter - Let those idiots at the store know what you think!
A Bad Day - And you thought you had a rough day!
Flashbacks - This is why you should say no to drugs!
Sasquatch - Wait, they call him BigWHAT?
Dave and Jimmy - Learn all about the Dave and Jimmy radio show.
Creation - A tale of the creation of the universe.
The Tastiest Chicken - Yum, yum! Chicken titties!
Kinky - An adult tale of perversions.
Lust Letter - Because love is for dorks!
24 more stories for only $1!
Click here for a PDF copy of the free tales!

Graduation - A speech from the magna cum quickly!
Burger Time - Learn the proper way to make burgers!
Demon Spawn - Rosemary's baby was a wimp.
Miracle Product - Billy Mays is rolling in his grave.
School Daze - This ain't your average high school!
Vampire - They don't fucking sparkle!
Visited - They came from your anus.
Game of Homes - A mansion or a shack?
Dear Shabby - You wanted advice; you got it!
The Crazy Bunch - A 70s TV show this isn't!

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