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Despicable Bastards Entertainment: Games and Productions.

Despicable Bastards Games™

This is where it all started. A couple of despicable bastards started playing a card game. They really liked it, but they felt there was potential for more. So they started coming up with their own card ideas. Eventually, those card ideas grew in number enough that they made Crap Amidst Hilarity as an unofficial expansion for the game they so enjoyed.
Before long, they'd written so many cards they had eight expansions ready. Then things happened. As a result, the two despicable bastards reinvented their cards into a stand-alone game named Craps And Laughs™ (because Shits And Giggles wouldn't get stocked on store shelves, and the domain name was already taken).
But there's more than just cards up their sleeves! So head over to Despicable Bastards Games to find out more.

Despicable Bastards Productions™

Before the despicable bastards teamed up in hopes of taking over the world, one of them had an idea for a comedy show. It would be a news parody called Action News At Large™.
Before he could try ANAL, it had to be pushed to the rear. The other despicable bastard loved the idea, however, so there was still hope the two could give ANAL a try.
Along the way, they came up with more ideas for things they couldn't quite fit into their ANAL plans. Before they knew it, they had several different YouTube channels lined up.
If you're interested in ANAL, or any of the other shows, check out Despicable Bastards Productions.

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