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All of these things happened and nobody cared.

We've redesigned our website and added 10 new Insanitales from Insanitales 2: Eccentric Boogaloo! Check them out!

Despicable Bastards Entertainment is on hiatus following a tragic loss. The Bastards are in mourning and will resume their normal activities when they damn well feel like they can.

Despicable Bastards Entertainment is proud to announce that a portion of the proceeds from all sales of Insanitales will go toward funding a scholarship for undergraduate students majoring in either English or Education.
Dave, MDB of Despicable Bastards Entertainment and HBIC of the Games Division, said, "It just seems like the right thing to do. These kind of fill-in-the-blank stories have been used in classrooms to teach kids the parts of speech. I studied English in college based in part on my love of such games."
When asked if there were plans to make printed versions of Insanitales, Dave stated, "We will be launching a Kickstarter campaign in January to raise funds to do so. And yes, we will put aside a portion of any profit from that toward the scholarships, too!"
Visit www.DespicableBastards.com and check the news section for information about this upcoming Kickstarter as well as updated information regarding the scholarship!

Despicable Bastards Entertainment, LLC is officially a thing! Now Dave and Not-Dave can't be personally sued! Take that!

Fill-in-the-blank stories that will make you [verb] your [body part] off!

You can get the 500 card core set with a pledge of $20! Check it out!

Happy Birthday, Despicable Bastards!

Shows will include Action News At Large, or ANAL for short, The Gospel According to Saint Bastard and more!

Following extensive redesign and restructuring, Crap Amidst Hilarity is now Craps And Laughs. Our original five expansions have been combined into a single 500-card stand alone game!

The Despicable Bastards have a new home! It's this website! Hooray!

The Youtube channel We're Rubbish at Games, in which Despicable Bastards founders Dave and Not-Dave prove how rubbish they are at video games, has launched!

The first volume of Crap Amidst Hilarity, an unauthorized expansion for Cards Against Humanity, is now on Kickstarter! Get 100 new, vile cards to add to your game!

Crap Amidst Hilarity - Quadraphonic Dump is now available! Add yet another 100 vile cards to your collection!

Crap Amidst Hilarity - Dump the Third is now available! We were quick to bring you another 100 cards to add to your vile sets!

Crap Amidst Hilarity - The Second Dumping is now available! We dumped all over you again with another 100 vile cards to add to your game!

Our unauthorized expansion to Cards Against Humanity, Crap Amidst Hilarity is for sale! Get 100 new, vile cards to add to your game!

We're working on an unofficial expansion for Cards Against Humanity called Crap Amidst Hilarity. We didn't find enough of the cards to be quite vile enough for us, so we started coming up with our own. It'll be 100 cards, and will be available as a free PDF. Stay tuned!




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