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Here's some info on our games.

Where it all began. Sort of. Technically, it began with Crap Amidst Hilarity, an unofficial expansion for another game. We kept writing more and more cards. Then things happened.
That's when the subject of making our cards a stand-alone game came up. We thought it over, taking into consideration all of the things that were going on, and decided to go for it. We changed the name of our game, restructured it, and Craps And Laughs was born.
It's a simple game based on an old concept: respond to question cards with answer cards. It's like a dirtier version of the old TV game show, Match Game. How much dirtier? Go to the Craps And Laughs website and see for yourself. Our 500-card core set is available to download for free!

Oh, Gail Chord Schuler! We love you!
Join the throngs of men who are desperate for Gail's affections in The Church of Gail Game. Launch your shuttle from the spaceship Church of Gail and try to make your way to Earth and Gail herself. But beware, those pesky Jesuits are always watching, trying to keep you from getting to your beloved Gail!
Can you avoid their traps and outperform your competition? It's a race for love!
The Church of Gail Game™ is still in development. Check back for updates when they become available.

Check out our newest thing: Insanitales! What are Insanitales? Why, they're phrasal template word games, of course! What the hell does that mean?
It means we've written short stories, then strategically removed certain words. You put new words in place of those words by filling in the blanks with one or more words that match the part of speech (don't worry, we provide hints on parts of speech).
Yes, they're like those little books everybody loved when they were kids. Now get started, and _____ your _____ off! Free to play online, hopefully coming soon as printed books!

Go to hell! And take your friends with you!
You're Going to Hell is all about being as horrible as possible. Each round, play a Sin card with a Victim card. Whoever is voted to have played the most damnable combination gets to move their token further along the River Styx, descending further down the nine circles of hell.
But along the way, you'll have to atone for your sins before you can move on! Or you may opt to revel in your sins and slide into the depths of hell even faster! With 108 unique cards, there are thousands of different reasons why You're Going to Hell!
You're Going to Hell!™ is still in development. Check back for updates when they become available.

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